DELALO is Live

Our new Agency website is live. After a long time we registered our new company “DELALO”. The full stack agency for web development and search engine optimization from Hamburg. site: url:

Project: AdzFactory

Two different project with affiliates to website. Last Edit: 26.12.2020 Project One 4 Niche Sites with high search volumes (branch: garden, furniture) build with wordpress simple clean theme just 2 Plugin (aawp, yoastseo) Sonnenschirme Rechteckig ( Hochbeet Kaufen ( Gartentisch Ausziehbar ( Würfel Kaufen (https://wü Sonnenschirme – Hochbeet – Gartentisch – Würfel Project Two… Continue reading Project: AdzFactory

add a new column to existing table in a migration

To create a migration, you may use the migrate:make command on the Artisan CLI. Use a specific name to avoid clashing with existing models. You then need to use the Schema::table() method (as you’re accessing an existing table, not creating a new one). And you can add a column like this: and don’t forget to add the… Continue reading add a new column to existing table in a migration

serpbase v. 2.0

serpbase v. 2.0 is coming soon with new features.(15.06.2021*) site explorer: get overview data about domain name. keyword explorer: SERP data for a query (data from google search, google trends, google ads and other API services). serpbase http/https website crawler (phyton crawler on backend). sddd serpbase v. 1.0 is integrated on user dashboard on delalo.… Continue reading serpbase v. 2.0

localbase v. 2.0

localbase is build with Laravel for B2B and also for B2C to sharing the newest status of orders with your business partners. The first version come on April ’19 and started the beta version on the German markt. The new version 2.0 is coming with a lot of API Control Pages for online voice and… Continue reading localbase v. 2.0

Laravel handle incoming emails in your application

Catch incoming emails in your Laravel application via laravel-mailbox package for Laravel 5.7 and up that will allow your application to catch and react to incoming emails from different services like Mailgun, SendGrid or the local log driver for debugging purposes. to listen incoming email messages in a Laravel-Route like fashion and react to them.… Continue reading Laravel handle incoming emails in your application

Laravel create model, controller and migration in single artisan command

For Laravel 5.6 and older: -m, –migration Create a new migration file for the model.-c, –controller Create a new controller for the model.-r, –resource Indicates if the generated controller should be a resource controller and for Laravel 5.7 and newer: -a, –all Generate a migration, factory, and resource controller for the model or you can… Continue reading Laravel create model, controller and migration in single artisan command