crawlers list with github repos – python, go, java, php & co

“There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things” Phil Karlton on my last post from 30 March 2022, I started with same crawlers to finding unique hostnames and then collecting them on a mysql database. Example Crawler: dcrawl – searches hostnames from given start url. A free open-source project … Read more

How to build a Search Engine with Laravel & MongoDB and Scrapy [PHP, NoSQL, Python on Linux OS]

This article is currently being revised and expanded. “The amateur software engineer is always in search of magic” Grady Booch, father of UML In this article we will are planing to build a search engine with Laravel 9, Python 3 and MongoDB. Using the Laravel Scout Package and MongoDB for Backend and also MySQL on … Read more

TOP 10+ open-source e-commerce platforms in 2022

comparing open source e-commerce software applications on GitHub and Installation of Cloud Instances like on DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services(AWS), Google Cloud Platform or on a virtual private server. A comparing of open source e-commerce platforms for unique and clean, and also for fast, modern and e-commerce web applications with awesome interfaces in 2022 PHP, Python … Read more

Earn Money with your own Content on YouTube & Co.

Just shoot a video and a few clicks later you can already earn a lot of money with YouTube. Thanks to advertising and AdSense, the account grows overnight, so to speak. But unfortunately it’s not that easy and before the money starts to bubble, you have to work hard and spend a lot of time … Read more

The Power of Online Marketing in 2022 

Do you want to reach potential customers faster Are you sure that you have implemented the right keywords in your advertising? Are the contacts that are generated to be utilized optimally or are they simply not suitable for your products? SEO advisors can help with the positioning of the website. Let them show you where … Read more

How a pyramid/ponzi scheme works

How nice the repeated offers sound that e-mail users occasionally receive in their inboxes without any action on their part. There is talk of almost unbelievable sums of money up to the five-digit range, and supposedly you don’t have to do much to get them. ln this context, it is widely referred to as a … Read more

Awesome-list of crawlers

A awasome collection of web crawlers ,spiders and resources in different languages. Tested by myself on Mac OS X with Python 3. Scrapy: The King of Web Crawler Framework written by Python.  A very fast high-level html-content scraping and web crawling framework. A Complete List of all crawlers can be found under: GitHub:

Marketing with

What is online advertising? Nowadays, there is not only the possibility to buy advertising in the print media, on advertising posters or on television. The Internet also offers various ways to advertise and promote your products. Everyone of us has already been annoyed by the advertisements on Internet pages. Be it an advertising banner, which … Read more