Earn Money with your own Content on YouTube & Co.

Just shoot a video and a few clicks later you can already earn a lot of money with YouTube. Thanks to advertising and AdSense, the account grows overnight, so to speak. But unfortunately it’s not that easy and before the money starts to bubble, you have to work hard and spend a lot of time and patience.

Making money with YouTube Channel?

They really exist, people who earn money thanks to YouTube. And they do it mainly through AdSense. After the purchase of YouTube in 2006 by Google lnc., in 2007 the Internet giant made it possible for users to participate directly in advertising revenues through partner programs. AdSense is part of Google’s advertising service. With AdSense you can apply yourself or you will be contacted directly by the advertising agency, because an uploaded video gets many clicks. However, in order to be accepted, videos must meet certain criteria.

For example, they must not contain music, graphics and images must be from your own source and you must be at least 18 years old. If the video is accepted by AdSense, one has no influence on the advertising shown. Make money with YouTube networks Another way to make money with YouTube is to join a network. However, networks are elective. Here it is not about subscriptions that a channel has, but about the daily views. Networks have the advantage that they can partly negotiate their own advertising conditions and the earnings are therefore greater. For a serious network, however, you only become interesting if you have between 1,500 and 2,000 clicks per week. For this, you can rely on professional help in some networks.

Viral videos – In the right place at the right time

Making a video that brings in thousands of clicks and money is a matter of luck. But with a bit of intuition for current trends and the preferences of the people you can find a lot of attention on the net. In any case, you should inform yourself in advance about the legal issues. Giving up your job and dedicating yourself to shooting videos is certainly not a good idea. But having a smartphone or camera at hand is. Because sometimes these funny little clips are made at family celebrations and spread like wildfire on the web, sometimes even making it into the news.

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