localbase v. 2.0

localbase is build with Laravel for B2B and also for B2C to sharing the newest status of orders with your business partners.

The first version come on April ’19 and started the beta version on the German markt. The new version 2.0 is coming with a lot of API Control Pages for online voice and programable sms features and planing a new downloadable version with electron to build cross-platform desktop version.

url: https://www.localbase.de

what is new?

localbase v. 2.0 (01.02.2020*)

  • created a new page for SMS API’s to track and monitoring incoming and delivered sms’s with all of other details(phone numbers , body text, dates and statuses).
  • Multilanguage function for checkingpage and dashboard.
  • first downloadable version for microsoft windows and mac os x architecture.

localbase v. 1.8 (01.8.2020)

  • created new PDF Functions:
    • view and print pdf with the answer from personal
    • view and print all open orders
  • build new function on summernote wysiwyg editor
    • create, show and delete text building blocks

localbase v. 1.7 (01.02.2020)

  • created new permalink route for sms notifications with unique links.

localbase v. 1.6 (01.11.2019)

  • created ‘uuid’ ID’s for order details to send unique links to customers.
  • fixed JS and CSS bugs on dashboard.

localbase v. 1.2 (01.04.2019)

  • fixed bugs for phone numbers in international format.
  • fixed bugs for e-mail field without NOTNULL.
  • added phone numbers to checking status.

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