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What is online advertising?

Nowadays, there is not only the possibility to buy advertising in the print media, on advertising posters or on television. The Internet also offers various ways to advertise and promote your products. Everyone of us has already been annoyed by the advertisements on Internet pages. Be it an advertising banner, which flashes colorfully or a “pop-up window”, which prevents the view of the Internet page and only on the upper right side are confirmed.

What other possibilities are there?

A new way of advertising on the Internet is the possibility of displaying an “interstitial advert” or a “framed banner” before opening the selected page. This type of advertising is quite dominant and must be confirmed by the user. However, the advantage is that the customer will directly view the advertising message or the displayed web page.

What are the results?

This results in a comparatively high conversation rate. Since providers such as are quite inexpensive with a 1,000 click price of less than 3 US dollars (the price of 3 US dollars refers to the target market Germany, worldwide traffic costs only 51.00 per 1,000 clicks), a large effect can be achieved even with a small budget. Earn money with Another possibility offered by is to earn money as a publisher. For this purpose, the publisher publishes a link on his website or the pages of third parties, on which advertising is displayed.

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