Multicopter, Quadcopter or Hexacopter in Germany?

A remote-controlled drone is a flying robot that consists of a frame on which several rotors are installed, which provide propulsion and control. Remote controlled drones are available under the following names:

  1. multicopter
  2. quadrocopter (with four rotors)
  3. hexacopter (with six rotors)

The remote controlled drone can carry a certain load (payload), depending on the model, up to a few kilograms. This would be quite enough for a camera and some luggage.

They are mostly used for film, video shoots and photos. Television uses them as well as architects who want to survey and photograph properties from above. An advantage of the drone, they are cheaper than some other things such as a helicopter.

What features do remote control drones offer us?

Remote-controlled drones are great for autonomous flying, but there are exceptions. Not all drones are capable of flight, especially the cheap models are more comparable to remote-controlled flying objects, which you can also buy in toy stores. Nowadays, there are hardly any limits. Electronic control units help us today that the remote controlled drone can automatically stabilize its flight or successfully counteract sudden gusts of wind.

GPS sensors can also let remote-controlled drones fly routes independently with a control unit. Many of the remote-controlled drone’s required sensors come from smartphones, making them relatively inexpensive. The range of remote-controlled drones leaves something to be desired. Their batteries can only manage flights that may last about 15 minutes. The radio contact is equally important, because without it they are not allowed to fly, despite an autopilot system.

What is the legal situation for remote-controlled drones in Germany?

Here in Germany, you must always be under the control of the pilot. This means:

they must be within range (visibility) the pilot must be able to intervene at any time Therefore, the use of the drone is currently only possible in a narrowly limited area. Therefore, long-term transports with drones or private missions are still impossible.


Do not use a remote-controlled drone at altitudes higher than 10 m. Do not launch it if its weight exceeds 25 kg. Do not fly over crowds of people.

Differences between private and commercial use!

If you want to get a remote-controlled drone and let it fly, you can do so by following some rules. If you want to earn money with a remote controlled drone, you need to get a permit, where just about everything is checked.

The price of such a remote controlled drone and whether you can build it yourself?

The price of remote-controlled drones varies. Basic models for private use, which you can control via smartphone and want to transfer images to your cell phone with a small self-installed camera, are available for just under 350 euros. However, they do not work at a great distance, but only from a few dozen meters at most and are therefore intended only for a small recreational activity. ln model stores, Internet sites you can also find all the components together yourself. For people in the film industry, for example, manufacturers offer ready-made remote-controlled drones.

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