The difference between Fahrzeugschein and Fahrzeugbrief

The vehicle registration document – what is it for? Vehicle registration document and vehicle registration certificate – two terms that you already learn in driving school. Both are indispensable. In the beginning, the similarity of the names can lead to confusion as to which of the documents actually has to be carried along and which can safely be left at home. For this reason, the designations were officially changed to “Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 1” for the vehicle registration certificate and “Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 2” for the vehicle title. However, the two old terms are still more common in everyday life. But what exactly is the difference? The vehicle registration certificate clearly identifies the registered vehicle, but the vehicle title?

The vehicle registration document – that’s what it’s for The vehicle registration document is basically a kind of title deed. It contains the identity, i.e. the name and other personal details, of the owner. In addition, however, information about the vehicle, such as the vehicle registration number and the chassis number are clearly documented. The owner of the certificate and the owner of the car are therefore identical, which is why it is imperative that the registration certificate Part 2 be kept in a safe place, protected from theft. It should not be kept in the vehicle under any circumstances, because if the vehicle registration document and the car are stolen, it will be difficult for the owner to prove that it really is his vehicle without the ownership certificate. At the same time, car thieves can almost effortlessly obtain all the information they need to make a vehicle registration document false.

The difference from the vehicle registration certificate

In contrast to the vehicle registration document, the vehicle registration document must always be carried along with the driver’s license. This is a legal requirement that can result in a fine in the event of a violation during a traffic police check. The vehicle registration document does not serve to identify the owner, but the vehicle itself. While the vehicle registration document proves the ownership rights to the vehicle, the vehicle registration document is not relevant to the question of ownership. When registering or re-registering a vehicle, the vehicle registration document is issued, while the vehicle title remains.

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